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Through using R&D Medical
We arrange a private appointment for medical examination in relation to your personal injury claim on behalf of your solicitor. Further our expert writes an unbiased report complying with all current legislation, assisting your solicitor to recover the maximum amount of compensation...
We invest in clients' care

We are experts within the claims management environment, offering a full range of services for children and adults – from examination, relevant treatment and rehabilitation support to obtaining all the required medico-legal reports. Our company constantly monitors qualification of staff and the latest methods of treatment, so that patients could get prompt and the most effective help. R & D Medical pays close attention to the level of service in all institutions.

R & D Medical is:

  • A variety of unrivalled medico legal records and services;
  • Quick operation, friendly staff and convenient schedule;
  • Highly qualified doctors and nursing personnel that contribute patients’ rapid recovery;
  • Medical equipment of last generation, such as MRI and CT scanning, hardware for extracorporeal blood surgery, advanced endoscopic and surgical facilities in operating rooms;
  • An individual approach to each patient. 

That is why our clients trust us and recommend to their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

We are responsible to:

Our clients:

  • For treatment outcome – we guarantee the use of efficient, modern and safe methods of examination, therapy and prophylaxis;
  • For the maintenance of high ethical standards and confidentiality of patient care.

Our partners:

  • Fast response, time management;
  • Reliable service;
  • Efficient database;
  • Flexible terms of cooperation.

Our staff:

  • To ensure decent and safe working conditions, health care, fair wages and opportunities for professional growth.

The Society:

  • For information and cost transparency;
  • Strict compliance with legislation.