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Through using R&D Medical
We arrange a private appointment for medical examination in relation to your personal injury claim on behalf of your solicitor. Further our expert writes an unbiased report complying with all current legislation, assisting your solicitor to recover the maximum amount of compensation...
We invest in clients' care

Insurers & Solicitors


R&D Medical is a provider of outsourced solutions to the Insurance, Claims Management and Legal industries.

Impeccable reputation of a reliable partner is an important component of R & D Medical’s success. The main distinctive features of our company are: professional staff, excellent technical equipment and attention to clients. That is why the leading insurance companies entrust us health of their customers, and specialists of higher qualification strive to cooperate.

R&D Medical receive both claimant and defendant work from solicitors to large insurance companies.

We provide our partners with individual approach and flexible terms of cooperation, so the interaction with many of them going on for several years.

Our major task is to select finest medical experts to guarantee that we provide our clients with the highest possible level of service from each professional and each report. You can always be assured of fast and efficient help throughout the entire control anyway.

Carefully selected practitioners, quick appointments and diagnostics enable reports to be produced in the minimum amount of time, ensuring a rapid case settlement. This approach helps us to establish excellent working relationships with you.

If you would like to work with us, we would be happy to guide you through our full range of products and services to ensure that your expectations are met fully.


New Experts


R&D Medical is a growing organisation. We are always on the continuous search for talented and committed people that will maintain to deliver and meet our service standards.

Our experts benefit from favorable fees, flexibility of workload, free use of advanced technology and new development opportunities.

If you have the skills and expertise to work for R&D Medical or if you have a general enquiry, please contact us. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Welcome to our great expanding team!