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Through using R&D Medical
We arrange a private appointment for medical examination in relation to your personal injury claim on behalf of your solicitor. Further our expert writes an unbiased report complying with all current legislation, assisting your solicitor to recover the maximum amount of compensation...
We invest in clients' care

R&D medical provides all clients with the following services:


  • Nationwide Consultation / Treatments rooms:

A wide range of fully equipped, modern Consultation and Treatment facilities available all around the country. Our experts are located in the vicinity of the client’s address.

  • GP Medical Reporting:

An extensive database of versed General Practitioners who provide written medical legal reports for both insurers and solicitors.

  • Physiotherapy Treatment:

We organize physiotherapeutic care throughout the UK and offer rehabilitation programs, taking into account the individual characteristics of each client.

  • Orthopaedic/ENT/Pediatrician Consultants Medical Reporting:

A great number of divers professionals for injuries of various complexity.

  • Psychological Treatment:

Advice and practical help of highly qualified psychologists, that are always glad to solve problems of any kind.

  • X-Ray and MRI Scans:

Quick arrangement of X-Rays and MRI procedures  upon the request.

  • Obtaining Medical Records:

Formalization and verification of all required records and further processing of these documents by medical experts.